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akaash vani review

AKAASH VANI REVIEW I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be recommending Akaash Vani for a watch to anyone, but it did the unthinkable. Made my hard heart melt and burn and blur and snow and rain and.......for a few seconds was  lost by the unbridled rays of!! A movie, which makes you believe in something, which isn't worth believing in nowadays;which makes you feel like fighting for something, which seems unworthy of a fight anymore....a tapestry of emotions with conniving simplicity, that just captures one's mind and traps your soul and pushes a weather worn traveller an extra mile more ... the oasis may just be around the corner or yonder a mound of sand. Brilliant!! One of the finest Bollywood Romantic Movie I have ever watched for a long time! You somehow need to survive a tepid first half, but once the story starts to unravel in the second half. it is beautiful, gripping, painful and awesome!!! And two songs - "TERA MERA NAAM and BAS MEIN A