Olympus has fallen Vs White House Down

Olympus has fallen Vs White House Down

This is just a run-down of what I feel is going to come down as one of the biggest pow-wows in Box- Office. Two movies on the same theme. Take over of White House and saving the president from a terrorist threat.  Nothing can beat 24. That was the first, which showed an attack on the White House and it had some nerve racking moments for Jack Baeur. Last time, we saw showdown of this magnitude was between Deep Impact and Armageddon.

Its a scaledown of each and every aspect of the movie to predict which one would come on top.

1) Directors - Ronald Emerich Vs Antoine  Fuqua - Ronald Emerich wins hands down, because he is the master of disaster. His editing style is best suited for this movie, whereas Antoine's strength is more hard hitting whippersnapper documentary style guerilla shooting. 

Point 1 to White House Down

2) The Presidents - Jamie Fox Vs Aaron Ekhart - Hmmmm Django Vs Two Face. This will be tough one, but I will go with Django, even though Aaron Ekhart will do a good job, I know. But the scales tilt towards Fox, because of two reasons. The audience is tired of seeing a white president being saved or being a hero against all odds. The Afro- American quotient will work well in the favor of White House Down.

 Point 2 to White House Down

3) The Secret Service Agent - Maggie Gyllenhall Vs Angela Bassett. - Angela wins this round. We don't want a prim and proppah lady playing a secret service agent. We rather prefer a hard as nails tough woman to be in charge and Angela is the best fit for this role.

Point 1 to Olympus has fallen

4) Screenwriters - Jame Vanderbitt Vs Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt - James has an impressive resume with Zodiac, The Amazing Spiderman and Darkness Falls, whereas the other two havne't done much till now. This will be their first major Hollywood endeavour.  So my vote goes with James.

Point 3 to White House Down 

5) Villains - Jason Clarke Vs Rick Yune - I will have to go with Rick Yune on this. Jason Clarke is a brilliant actor, but people want novelty and a North Korean terrorist will work better than an American pretending to be the leader of mercenaries.

Point 2 to Olympus has fallen

6) The Heroes -  Channing Tatum Vs Gerard Butler -  Canning Tatum - Its simple - he won't be using a body double for his action sequences. Gerard has used stuntmen. This has a major impact 
in action movies, when heroes perform their own stunts. Channing's USP is that he is super fit and does his own stunts. That will be a major difference.

Point 4 to White House down.

As per my assessment, White House Down will be a better movie, but you can never be sure. I did like the backstory of Olympus has fallen,  Gerard Butler saving the president, while letting go of the first lady.  Nice way of playing the anguished hero, who triumphs against all odds and makes things right. 

However there is one crucial piece of the puzzle, which we all are missing - 
Olympus has Fallen is releasing earlier and White House Down releases 2 months later. This gives Olympus has fallen 3 points, which makes it completely overtake White House Down and become the first in the reckoning. It doesn't matter if White House Down is a better movie. People will go for Olympus has fallen, because of the fresh concept and the novelty will wear off about a White House attack, by the time White House Down releases.

3 points to Olympus has fallen for early release, thus Olympus has Fallen - 5 points

1) Olympus has fallen - 5 points
2) White House Down - 4 ponts

Olympus has fallen wins, primarily beacuse of the early release in March, whereas White House Down releases in June.


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