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Stocks to buy this week 2013 in NSE India(8th April 2013 - 15th April 2013)

 You want to make a fast buck. Just go Sugar.  This week will be sweet for Investors in this area(8th April 2013 - 15th April 2013) The stocks are  Balrampur Chini Mills Shree Renuka Dhampur Sugar Triveni Sugar And any other Sugar Stock - make merry till the party lasts!!!!

How to play Opus audio files

Opus is the newstandard for plugin-free voice and video communication within the browser.It performs really well for music. Earlier it was simple avaible with plugins for browser with Firefox leading the way. Now its a totally independent audio format. Without much technical ado, in short its better than MP3. Since its a fairly new audio format in town, users are having trouble playing it. Its simple just download VLC Version 2.05. Enjoy Lossless Audio from Mr Loch Ness!! Happy to help!!!

3G Short Review

You tend to forget everything inane about 3G, just for Sonal Chauhan.She is just magical feminity in its finest form. Realy bad effort. You just can't integrate Ju- On Horror into Bollywood like this. Very shoddy indeed!!! Royal disappointment - I really thought it would be good. The worst part is that there is a story somewhere, but its lost someplace because of a pedestrian imebecile execution. But all said and done, Sonal Chauhan can save even a disaster like this just by being herself. You can just forget everything and keep watching a dream like her, even though she is surrounded by a nightmare of a movie. Can't help but compareTable No 21 and 3G. One - well inspired by Beloved 13 and delivering the goods with a brilliant social message and the other probably shades of Cell and many Ju-On horror movies pu together and inspite of a good cast and dreamy lady, failing miserably and the message at the end... will make you laugh a little more. I felt quite sad, beacuse the

Bates Motel Season 1 Episode 1 review

Just Special!!!! Did we ever in our wildest dreams believe that we would get to see Norman Bates in his formative years and the crucial role his mother would play to nurture him into the guy, who would'nt even hurt a fly. Bates Motel Pilot  Episode is the best first episode for a TV series I have ever seen for a long time. It was a scorcher par excellence. It started slow and steady, but by no means boring. I felt it would be one of those pilots, where you would get to know the characters and then just a simple eerie ominous end. In certain ways that happened, but with a yank-up tempo incident in the middle, which just clotheslined me outside the ring and thats what made The Bates Motel so incredibly insanely captivating. The whole concept is so scary, because we are watching before our eyes, how a good innocent boy is transforming into a pyscholgically demented man through no fault of his, but just circumstances and an over-possessive woman, who identifies her son as the perfe

Tomb Raider 2013 - Inspired from many games!!!!

Just for gamers. who have gone mad with the return of Lara -  To a discerning gamer, Tomb Raider is the best game one could ever make from the best elements of some the finest games ever made. Just a rundown about what Square Enix has done:- 1) Taken the tomb raiding quests and made them them side-quests instead of making it the main story. This part is borrowed from Assassin's Creed. Right from o pening the chest at the end and getting rewarded. Its a stroke of genius. The main story is Lara trying to survive against all odds and tomb raiding is just a pastime. Loved the concept, as Tomb Raidng in recent times was become just so tedious. 2) Scalping and hunting animals for loot, which could be used as salvage and also to gain experience. This part is taken from Red Dead Redemption. The best Western Game ever made. 3) Waypoints- Lara can virtually explore the whole Island using FAST TRAVEL from one camp fire to another, which are essentially waypoints scattered all over the Is

Bond 24 - Bond against Al Qaeda

BOND AGAINST AL QAEDA/TALIBAN Isn't it high time James Bond took on Taliban and the Al Qaeda. We are sick and tired of him going against clinched villains and long leggy lasses. Daniel Craig gives a really hard edge to Bond and I think he can pull it off. He can try rescuing a hostage from the Al Qaeda or foil some devious plan of theirs. It would make for an awesome movie and for a change we would be treated to something different. Why does the movie industry shy away from a project like this. Are they scared? Its very important for our times that Bond takes on some terrorists, which has some sort of hard hitting reality infused in it. We have so many scenarios to explore. Diffuse a bomb in India, save a hostage from Taliban, prevent a nuclear attack on America.  Bond would even have a plethora of situations to show his emotion, barring his usual crybaby mode for women, who slink into his shoulders.  Bond needs to address real life problems.Skyfall has re-i

Akshay Kumar Singing Mujh mein tu Special 26

AKSHAY KUMAR SINGS IN SPECIAL 26 Of all the stars, who have sung in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar has nailed this song. Akshay has just sang it with incredible pathos and emotion.  Brilliant! Special 26 is an excellent movie, but people haven't noticed this song. They may have, but do they know there is an Akshay Kumar version and it rocks.

Olympus has fallen Vs White House Down

Olympus has fallen Vs White House Down This is just a run-down of what I feel is going to come down as one of the biggest pow-wows in Box- Office. Two movies on the same theme. Take over of White House and saving the president from a terrorist threat.  Nothing can beat 24. That was the first, which showed an attack on the White House and it had some nerve racking moments for Jack Baeur. Last time, we saw showdown of this magnitude was between Deep Impact and Armageddon. Its a scaledown of each and every aspect of the movie to predict which one would come on top. 1) Directors - Ronald Emerich Vs Antoine  Fuqua - Ronald Emerich wins hands down, because he is the master of disaster. His editing style is best suited for this movie, whereas Antoine's strength is more hard hitting whippersnapper documentary style guerilla shooting.  Point 1 to White House Down 2) The Presidents - Jamie Fox Vs Aaron Ekhart - Hmmmm Django Vs Two Face. This will be tough one, but I will

Top 5 adventure games of 2012

TOP 5 ADVENTURE GAMES OF 2012 I will keep it simple. Adventure games was a dying genre, till it saw a resurgence in the past few years. I am simply stating the best 5 adventure games of 2012. 1) The Walking Dead ( All the episodes) - The game, which has rivalled Heavy Rain with it's storytelling, narration and breath a gasp script and unforgetable characters with multiples choices guiding you as one progresses through the game. This game was the watermark moment of Adenture Gaming for all times. It can be compared with the best of the lot. Be it the The Longest Journey, Gabriel Knight, Syberia - The Walking Dead is the best adventure game of 2012 with no competition even close enough. 2) The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - The Sherlock Holmes games are classics and all gamers look forward to each one of them. This was no different. Pretty tough puzzle solving but absorbing with vibrant graphics and a twisted story, which stays with you, even after u finish it. It may not com

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Skidrow Crack not working

Many people are having problems with making this work. They install the skidrow crack and then Call of Duty Black Ops II crashes or doesn't even intiate. The program manager shows that the thread is on, but the game doesn't begin.  How to make it Work: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Skidrow Crack not working Simple steps:- 1)Install Steam 2)Register on Steam 3) Open Steam online, as you log into your a/c 4) Then disconnect your net- that way steam will be on but not logged online. 5) Disable any antivirus you have or when the game starts, add the crack as an exception, becoz most antivirus progs detect the crack as a keylogger. 6) Change your system date and time to Nov 14,2012 and HongKong standard time. 7) Hopefully the crack is installed from before. 8) Start Call of Duty Black Ops II and don't kill Hernanadez. :P Keep your net switched off, during gameplay. BRILLIANT GAME - BUY IT AND TASTE THE MULTIPLAYER.   

akaash vani review

AKAASH VANI REVIEW I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be recommending Akaash Vani for a watch to anyone, but it did the unthinkable. Made my hard heart melt and burn and blur and snow and rain and.......for a few seconds was  lost by the unbridled rays of!! A movie, which makes you believe in something, which isn't worth believing in nowadays;which makes you feel like fighting for something, which seems unworthy of a fight anymore....a tapestry of emotions with conniving simplicity, that just captures one's mind and traps your soul and pushes a weather worn traveller an extra mile more ... the oasis may just be around the corner or yonder a mound of sand. Brilliant!! One of the finest Bollywood Romantic Movie I have ever watched for a long time! You somehow need to survive a tepid first half, but once the story starts to unravel in the second half. it is beautiful, gripping, painful and awesome!!! And two songs - "TERA MERA NAAM and BAS MEIN A