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Skyfall is all about Judi Dench's retirement from the James Bond franchise

My question is who cares about "M" anyway? "M" was always a bloke anyways with the exception of Judi Dench playing the character in the 1995 movie Goldeneye till date. Since the first James Bond movie till date there has been so many actors who have played Bond's character and never in a single plot did we find justification for the new actor playing Bond. Even in recent times when Pierce Brosnan was replaced by Daniel Craig we did not find the plot providing any justification. They replaced “Q” once again but no justifications given. I was surprised that Skyfall's whole plot is based on replacement of Judi Dench by Ralph Fiennes. Infact when Ralph Fiennes was introduced for the first time in the movie one could understand that he is going to be Judi Dench’s replacement in the next Bond flick. Biggest giveaway being their names Dench’s code name is M which is short for Emma where as Fiennes’ initial says M since his name in the movie is Mallory – no brainer…