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Everyone is going mad over this installation. But its fairly simple. Now that I have got it right, after combating with it for over 4 days. Here are the steps:- 1) Turn off your antivirus.After turning it off, open msconfig and check if there are still a few active threads running - after turning off all the antivirus threads restart the computer. 2) Then keep the internet off - Install Max Payne 3. No need to check direct X installation, visual c ++, social club etc.( You can install visual c++ and direct x in case you don't have the latest versions otherwise not required.) 3) After installation, which usually takes over 3 hours, restart the computer. 4) Internet should be off still - Go to the Redist folder and install  Max Payne 3 set up and the social club. 5) Go to the Max Payne folder and click on the play Max Payne 3 file exe. 6) Let the windows firewall allow max payne 3. 7) let the config file try to access the internet, when it can't - it will give you a