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Aarushi Talwar - 10 questions, which will prove the innocence of the Parents.

Everyone is so happy about  Nupur Talwar being arrested and kept in jail. I am not going to go into depth and talk about what happened. Countless channels have done that and done a horrid job of it as they support the CBI in making scapegoats of the parents. Just 10 questions being asked - Read them and you'll know what happened here? THE TEN QUESTIONS WHICH WILL PROVE THE PARENTS ARE INNOCENT :- 1 WHY IS the CBI ignoring alarming evidence from its own investigation, such as the forensic report confirming that Hemraj’s blood was on a pillow cover seized from Krishna’s room? While it has offered an extensive report on its investigation of Rajesh Talwar, why is the CBI not revealing any details of its investigation of its three other suspects despite the strong clues of their involvement? 2 WHY DO Raj Kumar’s former employers Dr Praful and Dr Anita Durrani claim that the CBI is misrepresenting their testimony about Kumar’s alibi the night of the murders? They claim that Kumar was fr