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TOMORROW IT BEGINS: Lord Stark's death will be avenged, Joffrey will have to pay for all his sins. The Dragons will reign supreme - Yes - Tomorrow it all begins. WINTER ARRIVES TOMORROW, THIS SUMMER!!

Apprentice UK Season 8 Episode 1 Lessons

I admire Lord Sugar. I think he is frank, cut-throat, mean and walks, talks, eats business. And the Apprentice UK is a wonderful show. I love it more than the US version any day. Its hard-core commerce at its best. I won't be discussing the show and the contestants and their weaknesses and strength or even what happened? You have too many blogs doing that. I will be simply putting across some lessons I learn, while I watch this awesome show. So the first episode, the lessons were very simple and Sugar gave it in a BITTERSWEET way:- 1) Don't talk, don't explain, don't badger, don't procrastinate too much. Sometimes how good you are - just gets clouded by being too overbearing. Just be crisp, clear and short with whatever you have done. 2) Sometimes just being quiet can save you. Throw the right things fast at appropriate moments and then just keep shut if your skin is on the line. It just might get you through. 3) The task is God. No one cares about your re

Agent Vinod Good Review

Everyone hates Agent Vinod. I talk to anyone.They seem to tear,rubbish, abuse and put this movie into a shredder. Hence I am not going to go into the details of how bad this movie is. Everyone has an opinion about that. So I will walk a different path and tell you, why it should be watched once, at least. It's not that bad and definitely not as horrible as it sounds or seems. Lets start at the very beginning :- 1) The Hero - Saif Ali Khan Pataudi. Everyone is saying, he didn't act well. Listen he didn't need to. This was a fun movie, not a Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. You needed a man, who looked convincing, while shooting, punching, kicking,jumping and delivering deadpan lines with a straight face and Saif does that with aplomb. Yes, there are some raw edges. Even Sean Connery needed time to settle into Bond. He delivered his best wisecracks with a an uneven face in GOLDFINGER, that was two movies after Dr No. In my book, Saif was deadly and cool as Agent Vinod. He just ne

Survivor Season 24 Episode 7

So was Survivor Season 24 Episode 7 truly worth it. Sorry to say it was a damp squib.Colton's ouster was such a paradox. I have never been happier to see someone leave Survivor, only to be thrust one of the most mediocre episodes of Survivor ever down my throat. Yes it was quite boring, dull and run of the mill. Colton definitely spiced up the proceedings with his.. ahem..her or whatever mean personal attacks and he had a helluva of devious brain to go with it. He was a baby-faced evil Chucky with a butcher knife of a tongue. But after he went, it seems as if the juice has been sucked out of Survivor. There are no big moves, no cross-over alliances, no squabbles. Just some guys and girls playing the game with their head held down and eyeing the million bucks. Survivor has evolved to such a point that people are just too clever to let go and things will only become interesting, when it gets down to the final six. Even getting the idol has no drama. They should seriously think of h


Already Supari is out for my blood. I am very sorry, if I am posting the story of Ek Tha Tiger, but its just so obvious. Well its going to be a khichdi of Unchartered, Strike back and definitely a little bit of Bond and Bourne thrown in. Well the first half is simple - Its going to be Salman going on at least two missions and executing them to perfection. Level of Realism - they are going to borro w one or two missions from Splinter Cell and Unchartered with some incredible cliffhanger sequences, which will make the Indian Public go WOW!!! KYA PICTURE BANAYA -Simultaneously the romance track will be explored with Katrina Kaif - I am guessing she is a student studying journalism. So two missions - 3 songs and one incredible fight with a goon ala Bourne - pre- interval - Then Salman contemplates leaving his RAW job to settle down with Katrina - But Post interval Katrina is kidnapped in Iraq as she is on a journalism assignment there.And the terrorists want her for leverage. So Salman ret

Batman Dark Knight Rises SPOILER

BATMAN STORY SPOILER Figuring the story out wasn't tough - Considering Goyer's screenplay and the inspiration is No Man's land, Dark Knight Returns and Knightfall. Here goes - here is the story of Dark Knight rises - 1) After Joker's exit and Batman branding himself the evil bad guy, who engineered everything - Bruce Wayne is leading a life in retirement a nd Batman is not required, as Gotham is criminal free. 2) Bruce Wayne is leading a carefree life as a playboy, though the death of his love haunts him till now. He can't get his mind to do the philanthropic activities of his late father. Marion as Miranda Tate tries to convince him to get back on track, but Bruce is too heartbroken to concentrate on anything. He is mentally shattered. 3) He throws a party in Wayne Manor for the rich and wealthy, where Anne Hathaway aka Catwoman warns him about a coming storm. 4) Then the focus shifts to Bane, as he returns to Gotham and successfully unleashes a reign of terr

Celebrity Apprentice season 12 Episode 6

I love the Apprentice. I am just a crazy fan of this show. So what happened this week. I would say this was the AWE - BRAY show. Even though she cried herself dry yet...well some people just might watch the reruns. Won't spoil the fun for them. I will simply post some points from each episode. Not rave,rant or indulge in a rhetoric about it, so here goes.These were the highlights and the lessons of this week's episode:- 1) Never compromise on the branding. Even if you hit all the sweet spots in a task or even a business venture, remember Brand visibility is of paramount importance and nothing can be more important than that. 2) Never nurse ill feelings. It can just kill team spirit, in spite of having an awesome team leader. 3) Boys can sort out their differences to move ahead but women need lifetimes.Clay is slowly turning out to be a very strong competitor and loved the way Penn and he resolved issues to move the task forward, yet Patricia just remained aloof and didn'

Kahaani Copy (Spoiler Alert)

Its very wrong to bring down such a brilliant movie, but I would just like to point out, where the similarities lie. There are three sources from where Sujoy Ghosh took inspiration to make Kahaani. This post is not to undermine his work or demean him or say he simply copied something. I sincerely believe Originality is the art of concealing your source and Sujoy did it damn well and we should credit him for making such an awesome movie. Anyways here goes:- 1) The body of the movie is essentially taken from "The Vanishing" and "Don't Look Now" . The theme is trying to find out someone close, who has disappeared. 2) The Twist is based on a method called The Unrealiable Narrator method. This was first used by Agatha Christie in the Murder of Roger Ackroyd and very well used in "The Usual Suspects" and even surreally in " The Fight Club". In this movie the unreliable narrator is Vidya Bagchi, beacuse we tend to believe her, as she tells her st

Blood Stone Language Fix

There is a problem if you buy a cracked copy of Bloodstone, the latest James Bond Game -its fairly old, but what the heck!. Guess what? It runs, but the language is in Russian and even the subtitles and also the game options, so it becomes mighty hard to even get to the game- screen and play. What's the fix. Its damn simple. 1. Go to the lanugages.txt and change it from \'ru,en\' to \'en,ru\ 2. Rename (audio_ru.pak) Change To (audio_en.pak)( Location - cache folder) The audio will remain in Russian, but the game menu will change to English, so the best you can do is change the subtitles to English and play the game. Otherwise, if you are dying to hear Daniel Craig's voice, support the developers and buy the game.

Bong- Boy's best 5 Magic Movie Moments in March

1) Vidya Bagchi's look before she reveals her KAHAANI. 2) Bob Biswas pushing Vidya just before the interval on to a rushing Metro. 3) The One- take shot of Raabta in Agent Vinod. 4) The entry of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta as Tribunes for District 12 in the Hunger Games. 5) Shraboni Sen singing Sokhi Bhabona Kahare Bole in Abar Bomkesh.


What did I watch right now? A love story bridled with doubts, heartaches and finally realization, only to be unrequited at the end or a delicious anthem of consumerism with a cocktail of the best ideas of Orwell and Asimov all rolled into one or probably the finest evolution of Battle Royale and Running Man put together stylishly with flair and finesse. Sometimes some movies don't need reviews and just need to be experienced and felt singularly and this is one of them. The least I can say is that life after Harry Potter and Twilight isn't going to be difficult, because we would have something infinitely more entertaining and rewarding to look forward to. Watch this at any cost and the ODDS WILL PERPETUALLY BE IN YOUR FAVOR!Hunger Games makes you eat entertainment and its a gorgeous how-many-courses meal. I stopped counting, I guess when I was watching it. This is the next Franchise Lionsgate is going to suck dry, Adieus Twilight! Adies Harry Potter! Katniss Everdeen has arri


Yes, it lives up to expectations, but we wanted more from Kratos. Its an old game.But many people buy a PS3, just to finish the saga of Kratos. Does it deliver a knock-out punch. It does, but I still believe God of War 2 was the best GOW game i have played till now. The level design, the story, the boss-fights, the weapons and the cliffhanger end,which just propelled the PS3 purchase as a must buy console for any market. Let me analyze the game for everybody, so that you all know exactly what one can expect, when you buy this title. Well what are the pros for God of War 3:- 1) Awesome God-whipping.(Where else can you knock the living daylights out of Hercules, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo and live to tell the tale) 2) The level design is sturdy, if not extraordinary. Special mention for the levels in Hell. 3) The story of Kratos does end - addressing everything, so there is a closure of sorts. So its a sound finale. 4) The final levels are pretty good, where Kratos develops a c

Abar Bomkesh Review

The beauty of Byomkesh is that he is married. Its a pity Saradindu never ever explored that aspect wholeheartedly in any of his stories or novels, but Anjan Dutta latches on to that aspect and uses it splendidly to provide a wonderful spicy sauce into an otherwise mundane whodunnit. We all have read Chitrochor. We all have watched it also, so it had to be re-invented and presented with something extra to make it entertaining and the USP is Satyabati and Byomkesh's relationship. Their pert squabbles and Ajit getting sandwiched in the middle is beautifully exhibited and the Byomkesh- Ajit bonhomie is just exquisite and then just as an extra dollop of caramel comes with the picturesque scenery of the Dooars and brilliant cinematography capturing it. Yes Loved it absolutely. Found the end a little jarring, where Byomkesh dons a Kiriti garb and flaunts a pistol and a Mexican Stand-off ensues in a railway station. Maybe that was Anjan Dutta's way of paying homage to Sergio Leone in