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Tutorial - Sim Network Unlock & Rooting the AT&T HTC Inspire 4G

I'm back and this time with a brand new Tute. The phone has been around for sometime but since I bought one (for my wife) I thought makes sense to share the process of network unlocking it and simultaneously rooting it. This video shows the steps to root & network sim unlock the HTC Inspire 4G. Important stuff to remember before you start: - file ( Download Link ) Install HTC drivers for the Inspire 4G provided in the zip folder or download from the HTC support website.  HTC Sync uninstalled, firewall & antivirus disabled during the process. All Data & Apps from the phone safely backed up into your PC and not in the external SD card. Remember the external SD card needs to be empty and will be used during the process. It is most likely that all data stored in the external SD card will be lost. Source Thread (All credit goes to xda forums & the thread runner who have helped me create this tute): -