Samsung Infuse™ 4G Android 2.3 Upgrade (Official method through Samsung Kies)

How Do I Update My Infuse 4G (SGH-i997) Mobile Device to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Operating System? 

 SGH-i997, iNFUSE 4g, Gingerbread, Update

Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade is available for the Samsung Infuse™ 4G (SGH-i997).
The Android 2.3 upgrade improves your phone's performance with new tools and enhanced features. Some of these features include better battery life, more control over apps, and improved user interface. Follow these download instructions carefully.

Back Up Your Information

As a precaution it is highly recommend that you Back Up all critical information before applying this upgrade, although it is not necessary.
To backup contacts, messages and help to reinstall third party applications click here.
Click here for help to back up all data such as your pictures, music, videos etc... prior to performing the upgrade.
Note: If needed please remove your microSD memory card before you start the upgrade process.



  • Desktop/Laptop Computer Running Either Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP.
  • Administrative Privileges Required To Download & Install Software Including Drivers.
  • An Available USB Port On The PC That Supports 2.0 USB.
  • Windows Media Runtime 11 (automatically installed by Kies Mini if not present).


  • Fully Charged Battery.
    Note: The upgrade process may not complete if the battery is not at a sufficient level.


  • USB Data Cable (Included In Retail Box)
    Note: this is the same cable used to charge your device.

Step 1: Obtaining Kies Mini

If at anytime you have an issue with Kies mini refer to our basic troubleshooting steps for help.
  1. To obtain a copy of Kies Mini for the PC, click download button below.
  1. Save the file to a specified location. We recommend saving to your Desktop for easy access. 

Step 2: Installing Kies Mini

Important! We highly recommend that you uninstall all Samsung software or drivers from your PC before beginning the Kies mini installation.
  1.  Double click the Kies Mini file . The program will then extract files.
  2. Kies Mini Install Wizard
  3. Location and language is selected by default. Verify that the selection is correct and click Next.
  4. Kies Mini Install Wizard
  5. Read over the license agreement. Check "I accept the terms..." Click Next.
  6. Kies Mini EULA
  7. Kies Mini will begin installation. Note: Windows Media Runtime 11 is needed to upgrade your device. If Windows Media Runtime 11 is not detected, Kies Mini will now download and install.
    Kies Mini Install Wizard
  8. Please Check "Yes, I want to restart my computer now" and then click Finish to restart your computer.
  9. Kies Mini Install Complete
    If you need more information on installing Kies mini, see basic troubleshooting.

Step 3: Device Upgrading

Note: Your PC must be connected to a live internet connection to upgrade your device using Kies Mini.
As a precaution it is highly recommend that you back up all critical information before applying this upgrade, although it is not necessary.
To backup contacts, messages and help to reinstall third party applications click here.
Click here for help to back up all data such as your pictures, music, videos etc... prior to performing the upgrade.
  1. Open Kies Mini. Connect the phone to your PC using your USB cable. Note: An automatic update to Kies Mini may occur when Kies Mini is launched.
    Infuse 4G Gingerbread Upgrade
  2. On your phone select the USB mode by touching Kies (Firmware Update). usb mode
    The computer should detect new hardware and install the drivers automatically. This may take a few moments. If you need help, please see basic troubleshooting.
    Driver Install Driver Install

  1. Click on Phone Upgrade.
Infuse 4G Gingerbread Upgrade
  1. Read over the Caution statements. Check "I have read and understood the preceding information". Click the Upgrade button.
Note: The current version listed below may be different depending on your device.
 Infuse 4G Gingerbread Upgrade
  1. Kies Mini will now upgrade your Infuse™ 4G (SGH-i997) automatically.
During the Upgrade:
  1. Do not disconnect the mobile phone from your PC.
  2. Do not turn the power off on your PC.
Infuse 4G Gingerbread Upgrade
  1. Kies Mini is upgrading the firmware on your device.
Warning! Do not disconnect your mobile phone from your PC or power the PC off. If interrupted your device could become inoperable.
Infuse 4G Gingerbread Upgrade
Note: Please wait until your phone reboots completely and the Android idle screen is displayed (shown Below) on your Infuse 4G (SGH-i997) before removing the USB cable.
Android Idle Screen
  1. Click the OK button to finish.
Infuse 4G Gingerbread Upgrade

Release Notes

  • Update to Gingerbread 2.3.6
  • Improved Copy and Paste functionality
  • Redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard
  • Download manager for long running HTTP downloads
  • Improved power management and application control
  • Notification Shade: "Flight Mode" added ("Silent" removed)
  • New Fonts options added include Choco Cooky, Cool Jazz, Rosemary
  • Keyboard Changes: Android Keyboard with Wider Spaced keys and Quick Keys at the top
  • New Widgets: The name of the content provider will be listed on the widget list along with the widget name. Previously only the widget name was provided.
  • New Widget: Traffic (Android) added to list of available widgets
  • Menu Changes/New Apps: Downloads and Google Books added new, Promotional pre-load of Angry Birds removed*.
*Note: The update will remove the promotional Angry Birds pre-load from the device. If you've started playing the game, you will need to re-download from the Marketplace and start from the beginning of the game.

Common Questions

General Questions:

  • Does the I997UCLB3 upgrade contain an operating system upgrade to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)?
    • Yes. LB3 contains the Android Gingerbread upgrade.
  • Can I upgrade directly to LB3 from any previous released software for the Infuse 4G (SGH-i997)
    • Yes, Kies Mini will automatically upgrade to LB3 form any previously released software.
  • Will Kies Mini work on my Mac?
    • Currently, there is no support at this time for Apple computers.
  • Can I take my phone to an AT&T store for the upgrade?
    • No, stores do not have the proper tools to perform software upgrade.
  • Can I use Kies 2.0 to perform the upgrade?
    • Kies 2.0 is not recommended nor officially supported on the Infuse 4G smartphone. If you have a previous version of Kies, it is recommended to remove it entirely before installing Kies Mini.
  • What are the capabilities of Kies Mini?
    • Kies Mini is a computer software tool which performs upgrades for a phone.

Basic Troubleshooting


If you are unable to download an install the Kies mini application you may need to disable all Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs.

Kies Mini Does Not Detect The Phone

  • Remove previously installed Samsung software and drivers. PC Studio, New PC Studio, or Kies can cause driver conflicts. Uninstall these applications/drivers and reinstall Kies mini.
  • Enable USB debugging mode before connect your device to the PC.
    1. Close the Kies mini application.
    2. On you device press Menu Menu >Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging to place a checkmark.
    3. Reopen the Kies mini application.
    4. Reconnect your device to the PC.
  • You may have changed your default USB settings. To check your USB settings follow the instructions below.
    1. Close the Kies mini application.
    2. On you device press Menu Menu > Settings > Applications > USB settings.
    3. Touch Kies (Firmware update).
    4. Reopen the Kies mini application.
    5. Reconnect your device to the PC.
  • Download or update Windows Media Player to the latest version. Click here for the Windows Media player update website.
  • Remove previously installed service provider applications (ACM, VMM, etc…). These applications may cause driver conflicts. Uninstall these applications and reinstall Kies mini.
  • Depending on the amount of data stored in the phone memory, this could impair Kies Mini's ability to detect the device. It may be necessary to remove the microSD card (Requirements). Should problems persist, the internal memory may need to be purged. Backup all desired data (using instructions provided above) and then go to Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset. Follow the onscreen instructions and after reboot, attempt to connect to Kies Mini.
  • The Media Scan process could produce a loop if connected while in progress. If this occurs, disconnect and power cycle the device. Wait until the device fully boots and the process is finished before connecting again.
  • When the handset goes into download mode instructed by Kies Mini, additional drivers need to be installed. A timeout may occur from the time the drivers install until Kies Mini can detect. Should this occur, close Kies Mini and remove the cable. Next, remove the battery cover and battery. Afterwards, insert the battery, place the cover back on, and power on the device. When the device reboots, connect the data cable and open Kies Mini.

Connection Lost:

  • Kies Mini contains an update feature which will download the latest copy of Kies Mini. If you are experiencing problems with the connection, simply close out of Kies Mini and reopen it. At that time, it should check for updates.


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