Survivor Season 24 Episode 7

So was Survivor Season 24 Episode 7 truly worth it. Sorry to say it was a damp squib.Colton's ouster was such a paradox. I have never been happier to see someone leave Survivor, only to be thrust one of the most mediocre episodes of Survivor ever down my throat. Yes it was quite boring, dull and run of the mill. Colton definitely spiced up the proceedings with his.. ahem..her or whatever mean personal attacks and he had a helluva of devious brain to go with it. He was a baby-faced evil Chucky with a butcher knife of a tongue. But after he went, it seems as if the juice has been sucked out of Survivor.

There are no big moves, no cross-over alliances, no squabbles. Just some guys and girls playing the game with their head held down and eyeing the million bucks. Survivor has evolved to such a point that people are just too clever to let go and things will only become interesting, when it gets down to the final six. Even getting the idol has no drama. They should seriously think of hiding it somewhere instead of tree stumps and trunks.

The Highlights:-

1) After the merge there is a grand feast. Everything is hunky-dory and people love the champagne and the food.

2) The reward challenge is very close.

3) Nothing happens when the original tribes after being divided into two tribes win and lose their reward challenges and get some quality time with each other.

4) Someone gets another immunity idol. Moral of the Story - The early bird gets the prize.

5) Tarzaan is annoying to the hilt. Sometimes you feel he is worse than Colton. To him, shit can be disinfected with Boiling water. I don't want my face to be worked upon by him on an operating table.

6) Jonas the Sushi Chef cooks some unique dishes, makes himself endearing to the tribe, only to be eliminated at the end. Makes no sense or logic, but that's how the dominating tribe functions. Eliminate the most like-able guy on the tribe, who can provide and be a positive energy and keep Tarzaan, who shits in his pants and throws them carelessly over someone's shorts, because boiling water can take care of anything.

This is one those below average Survivor episodes, where everyone is just waiting to make their moves. Lets see what happen next. I guess Colton's tribe will dwindle to nothing. A midget, an ugly cantankerous evil b**** and a dirty old man. I like Christine. I hope she can find a way out of that loser tribe. She may just be the deciding factor in the final few episodes.

Bye for now - Hope the next episode throws up some nasty shocks and some engaging television!


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