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Construction sector - Exit GMR and add Unitech, Lanco, JP Assco

GMR has been doing very badly in the past 6 months and at this point in time I feel it makes most sense to exit this counter and head for greener pastures. If I would like to reinvest in the same industry I feel Unitech, Lanco & JP Assoc seems like the best options respectively. As per the below diagram the we can see that Unitech is currently trading at about a Rupee less than GMR but at the same time has made 55 times more profit that the later. Sum of Net Profit Column Labels Row Labels Era Infra Eng GMR Infra Hind Constr ILandFS Trans IRB Infra Jaiprakash Asso Jaypee Infra Lanco Infratech NCC Unitech Grand Total Last Trading Price 35.3 81.44 81.44 Net Profit 36.95 739.66 739.66 37.75 13.45 13.45