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IVRCL Infrastructure and Projects is good for the short term (2 days)

Unfortunately I was so much caught up with other things that I couldn't manage the time to write. I apologize to my readers for this reason. Now coming back to the topic I must say that this thread came in very late for those who would have been interested in the 1:1 bonus approved by the the BOD of this company. Well the company in question is IVRCL Infras. The record date for bonus is 19th of March 2010. So those who have bought this scrip atleast by yesterday can now enjoy the bonus. If you cannot get the bonus then what is the point of me spending some time and wasting some words by writing about this scrip. Well, all is not lost. First of all I would like my readers to know that I have been tracking this company for a long time now and I can surely say it's always a good idea to bet on this scrip. Therefore, I would suggest the ones with high risk tolerance to acquire this scrip now since it is bound to go up till 19th and exit on the day of "Record Date" itself.