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Sovereign Debt is the new face of Sub Prime this year.

It does not matter whether the ECB or the EU decides to bailout Greece or not. What matters to the Indian Markets when they open tomorrow is that the Dow Jones closed on a very happy note. Infact the benchmark index witnessed it's biggest gains in today's trading session since November 2009. So the Indian Markets will definitely open on a positive note tomorrow morning and I feel they will move up quickly to make up for the downside seen in the past few sessions of trade. The nifty might just gain another 50 to 100 odd points tomorrow. Metal stocks likely to lead the pack of gainers. But what I feel is that this sudden up-move could just be another one off incident and that the US as well as the world markets may correct further in time to come, due to the changing economic scenario in the European Union. Greece could only be the first one to fall in the EU. There are other nations which will follow suit. This is most worrying in this whole scenario. When banks falter Central B

Past is past........or is it?

I used to get queries from my friends to send them my "Investment Advice Mails" from time to time. I suddenly stumbled upon this email sent back in November 2008 to few of my friends. Funny to see that what I was thinking back then pretty much is the reality now. Hello Friends , Yes we are approaching the year end and investment time is approaching quickly. I'am back once again with my extensive research from the securities & investment management industry. I think this is the best time for entering the market through the ELSS way as most FIIs have stopped pulling out from the Indian Market and it seems the worse is over. Infact, FDIs and FIIs are entering Indian Markets gradually once again. This is further strengthened by the fact that America gets a new Government which is going to hopefully make the Dow Jones happy thereby spreading overall happiness over the rest of the World Markets. Well, the Sub-prime crisis drama is not yet over but that is eventual