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"The Social Network" - a must watch movie.

I really wanted to watch this movie so finally managed to get myself tickets for the 9:40pm show tonight. Been a long time since I managed to make time for a movie. The last one was I think Chris Nolan's "Inception". Well what can I say I got my money's worth watching "The Social Network", the movie about creation of "Facebook". I think a simple movie. The pace of the movie was maintained throughout. Very well directed and the casting was definitely gripping. In Facebook way I "Like" it. I think it's a must watch for all Facebook users. Official Site Wiki IMDB Happy Social Networking....:-)

Good time to pick up Aban Offshore & Reliance for the long run

I have found Aban Offshore and Reliance to go into deep periods of consolidation and break out suddenly. I don't subscribe to analyst's call who have written off these scrips stating that these stocks have let off all the steam and there is no more momentum left in them. Well as that might be definitely true for the short term trader similarly for a position trader who is looking at a long term return I think the current prices for both the scrips are quite reasonable to acquire and hold for long. I think it is a good strategy to apply what I call a "ESIP" (Equity systematic investment plan) strategy on these stocks. You can continue to buy these stocks in small quantities whenever they fall to a reasonable price and after a certain period of time you should hold a good position on them at an average price thereby absorbing fluctuation in prices. Aban had hit the bottom post the bad news in the recent past involving it's debts and wreckage of one of it's rigs

Ebay Global Easy Buy Independence Day Discount Coupon

For those who don't know already Ebay is giving away 15% discount upto Rs.1000/- on Global Easy Buy. Global Easy Buy lets Indian buyers purchase items from sellers on Ebay USA online. Buyers will see a wholesome price for the item on GEB which would be inclusive of all price of the item, Custom Duties, shipping and other taxes. You may use the following coupon code to avail of this offer FREEDOM001 Incidentally this offer is valid till 15th of August 2010 and is subject to several Terms & Conditions as mentioned in their website .

Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel Concept - Off-roading gets a new meaning

The Hexawheel concept is a design study of an extreme off-road vehicle which combines a six-wheels layout and a flexible frame with a Mercedes-Benz-inspired design language. It was designed by Iranian engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi. Created by Iranian mechanical engineer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi, the Hexawheel Concept is an extreme three-seater off-roader targeted to adventurous customers and people who need to move in extremely diffficult conditions and terrains. Inspired by the jointed structure of insects, the Hexawheel is capable of overcoming large obstacles thanks to its flexible frame, which is combined with a six-wheels layout and an all-wheel-drive system. The frame has two degrees of freedom and is operated with a hydraulic system; the diesel engine is coupled with a flexible hydraulic power transmission system. Th main dimensions are a total length of 4.8 meters, two equal wheelbases of 0.95 meters and a ground clearance of 46 cm, while the weight is equally distrib

You could call this an intelligent guess.

I don't have much knowledge of the markets but from what I have been reading about in the past couple of months and as the way the markets were behaving it was just too obvious that the next breakout would have started in April. See to begin with let's first look at the charts last year and the year before. Statistically the two major indices in this country have grown post 1st quarter results. Hence one thing was that pretty clear to me was that the markets would follow a similar pattern like the previous years. Moreover, the rally that the Indian Markets had seen throughout the year had somewhat stalled in the 1st quarter of 2010. It was evident that the markets were oversold but it was still maintaining this range-bound cautious approach. A Bull market had suddenly turned into a bears paradise. My friend an colleague Soumya Bhattacharya who is also a guest blogger here was apprehensive on the market in mid Jan and early Feb. Being a bear his fear was that Union Government wo

IVRCL Infrastructure and Projects is good for the short term (2 days)

Unfortunately I was so much caught up with other things that I couldn't manage the time to write. I apologize to my readers for this reason. Now coming back to the topic I must say that this thread came in very late for those who would have been interested in the 1:1 bonus approved by the the BOD of this company. Well the company in question is IVRCL Infras. The record date for bonus is 19th of March 2010. So those who have bought this scrip atleast by yesterday can now enjoy the bonus. If you cannot get the bonus then what is the point of me spending some time and wasting some words by writing about this scrip. Well, all is not lost. First of all I would like my readers to know that I have been tracking this company for a long time now and I can surely say it's always a good idea to bet on this scrip. Therefore, I would suggest the ones with high risk tolerance to acquire this scrip now since it is bound to go up till 19th and exit on the day of "Record Date" itself.

Nifty Levels To Watch

Nifty Levels To Watch: Crucial Level 4864 To 4894, Break Below 4816/4812 Selling Pressure & Break Out abv 4920/4928 Buying is Expected. Stay Lightly in the Market. Mkt has very low expection from the budget. Mkt likely to rally in afternoon session .

Buy before the Union Budget of 2010-11

Looking at the way the Indian Markets have been correcting over the past few weeks, it now seems like a good idea for Position Traders to go long on selected scrips. No one knows where the bottom is but one thing is for sure - Markets are heavily over-sold. Analysts are saying that we might see the Nifty correct to 4500 before we can see 5500 mark. I somehow doubt that. I feel whatever correction Nifty has to see will happen in the coming week itself. In other words Nifty should see some it's maximum correction in this run till Thursday but I don't think it would reach 4500 at all. I feel if Nifty corrects further Monday onwards it should bottom out between 4650-4700 at the most. So if the Finance Minister presents a Budget similar to the one he presented last year or even if there is a bit of tightening here and there; I think Markets would recover heavily and there would be a sharp upward rally. Everyone's been selling in apprehension of the worse and hence they're al

The Siemens story so far

Although markets have been very choppy over the past few trading sessions one stock which has been gaining highly is Siemens. I have been tracking this scrip for just over a year now. A year back it was trading at around Rs.200 levels. The stock has been gradually moving up over the period of past one year. Infact, towards the middle of last year the stock suddenly broke loose from Rs.300 levels and gained around Rs. 100-150 within a period of seven days to touch Rs.500 levels for the first time. This was followed by some profit taking which led to this scrip correcting a bit. But Siemens gradually kept moving upwards along with the sensex and nifty through the rest of 2009. This company is fundamentally strong and does not get affected so easily by market movements. So far in 2010 it has had a good run and has hit the 52 week high today. To put things into perspective Siemens has grown well over 200% in just over one year. Having said that I think there shall be a bit of profit taking

Sovereign Debt is the new face of Sub Prime this year.

It does not matter whether the ECB or the EU decides to bailout Greece or not. What matters to the Indian Markets when they open tomorrow is that the Dow Jones closed on a very happy note. Infact the benchmark index witnessed it's biggest gains in today's trading session since November 2009. So the Indian Markets will definitely open on a positive note tomorrow morning and I feel they will move up quickly to make up for the downside seen in the past few sessions of trade. The nifty might just gain another 50 to 100 odd points tomorrow. Metal stocks likely to lead the pack of gainers. But what I feel is that this sudden up-move could just be another one off incident and that the US as well as the world markets may correct further in time to come, due to the changing economic scenario in the European Union. Greece could only be the first one to fall in the EU. There are other nations which will follow suit. This is most worrying in this whole scenario. When banks falter Central B

Past is past........or is it?

I used to get queries from my friends to send them my "Investment Advice Mails" from time to time. I suddenly stumbled upon this email sent back in November 2008 to few of my friends. Funny to see that what I was thinking back then pretty much is the reality now. Hello Friends , Yes we are approaching the year end and investment time is approaching quickly. I'am back once again with my extensive research from the securities & investment management industry. I think this is the best time for entering the market through the ELSS way as most FIIs have stopped pulling out from the Indian Market and it seems the worse is over. Infact, FDIs and FIIs are entering Indian Markets gradually once again. This is further strengthened by the fact that America gets a new Government which is going to hopefully make the Dow Jones happy thereby spreading overall happiness over the rest of the World Markets. Well, the Sub-prime crisis drama is not yet over but that is eventual