Saturday, April 06, 2013

Stocks to buy this week 2013 in NSE India(8th April 2013 - 15th April 2013)

 You want to make a fast buck. Just go Sugar.

 This week will be sweet for Investors in this area(8th April 2013 - 15th April 2013)

The stocks are 

Balrampur Chini Mills

Shree Renuka

Dhampur Sugar

Triveni Sugar

And any other Sugar Stock - make merry till the party lasts!!!!

How to play Opus audio files

Opus is the newstandard for plugin-free voice and video communication within the browser.It performs really well for music. Earlier it was simple avaible with plugins for browser with Firefox leading the way. Now its a totally independent audio format.

Without much technical ado, in short its better than MP3.

Since its a fairly new audio format in town, users are having trouble playing it.

Its simple just download VLC Version 2.05.

Enjoy Lossless Audio from Mr Loch Ness!!

Happy to help!!!

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